Faculty Directory

Please see below for a list of AC Forum 2017 faculty.

Jack  Ansell, MD
Founder, Anticoagulation Forum

Heather Bloom, MD
Emory University

Allison Burnett, PharmD
University of New Mexico

Nathan Clark, PharmD
University of Colorado Denver

Mark Crowther, MD
McMaster University

Adam Cuker, MD
University of Pennsylvania

William Dager, PharmD
UC Davis School of Medicine

Steven Deitelzweig, MD
Ochsner Hospital

Andrew Dunn, MD
Mount Sinai Hospital
David Garcia, MD
University of Washington

Alan Jacobson, MD
Loma Linda Veterans Hospital

Scott  Kaatz, DO
Henry Ford Hospital

Clive Kearon, MD
McMaster University

Eva Kline-Rogers, ANP
University of Michigan

Renato Lopes, MD
Duke University

Tracy Minichiello, MD
San Francisco VA Medical Center

Casey O'Connell, MD
University of Southern California

Lynn Oertel, ANP
Massachusetts General Hospital
Rachel Rosovsky, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

James Ruble, PharmD, JD
University of Utah

Terri Schnurr, RN
McMaster University

Michael Streiff, MD
Johns Hopkins University

Darren Triller, PharmD
MVP Health Care

Suresh Vedantham, MD
Washington University in St. Louis

Diane Wirth, ANP
Grady Memorial Hospital

Daniel Witt, PharmD
University of Utah

Ann Wittkowsky, PharmD
University of Washington

Sara Vazquez, PharmD
University of Utah

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest
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