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The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship (IDEA) Initiative was established to address systemic racism and the resulting health disparities. Through this Initiative, the AC Forum will work to increase awareness and promote diversity in our leadership, membership, and programming.

Our initiatives include a webinar series, educational tools and resources, as well as scholarships to our conference and Boot Camp programs.

Learn More About Health Disparities and the IDEA Initiative.

Featured Webinar: Understanding the Social Determinants of Health
Join members of the AC Forum IDEA Initiative as they discuss how an understanding of the social determinants of health can inform how practitioners engage with patients and introduce a new AC Forum Rapid Resource on this important topic.

Could I Have Stopped a Stroke
In this quick highlight video, learn how health disparities impact a patient’s access to quality health care and anticoagulation therapy.

Rapid Resource: Social Determinants of Health & Patient Care
This resource provides a brief overview the social determinants of health and highlights actions practitioners can incorporate into their practice to address health disparities.

News & Announcements:

JACCP Podcast on Anticoagulation Stewardship

Listen to AC Forum board member hematologist Jori May, MD on how to successfully plan, fund, and implement an Anticoagulation Stewardship program (April 17, 2024).

Listen to the Podcast.

Update on Andexanet Alfa for Reversal of FXa Inhibitors: Annexa-I Trial Webinar

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on April 30, 2024 @ 12:00 PM ET!

Andexanet alfa is a specific reversal agent approved to reverse the anticoagulant effects of apixaban and rivaroxaban. The Annexa-I trial was stopped early by the DSMB due to better efficacy with andexanet alfa compared with standard of care treatments. This webinar will present key findings from this trial.

Jean Connors, MD (Moderator)
Jori May, MD (Moderator)
Ashkan Shoamanesh, MD (Presenter)
Deborah Siegal, MD, MSc, FRCPC (Panelist)
Jerrold Levy, MD, FAHA, FCCM (Panelist)

ACF Manuscript on Securing Leadership Commitment for AC Stewardship

Securing administrative leadership support for Anticoagulation Stewardship programs is often a significant barrier to implementation. In a new resource in the Journal of American College of Clinical Pharmacy entitled "Securing Administrative Leadership Commitment for Anticoagulation Stewardship Programs," we present a structured approach to guide clinicians advocating to leadership for stewardship programs at their institutions. Elevate your understanding and become a catalyst for positive change in anticoagulation care!

Read the Full Article.

Blood Clot Awareness: The Today Show featuring an interview with Geoff Barnes

Watch AC Forum President-Elect Geoff Barnes, MD, MSc, with Al Roker on 3rd Hour Today (October 27, 2023). Tune into a discussion about common risk factors, warning signs, and what to do in suspected cases of PE and DVT.

Watch the interview.


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