Anticoagulation Forum|Ansell Fellowship Program

Clinical Fellowship Award in General Vascular Medicine Focusing on VTE, PAD, and Anticoagulation

The Anticoagulation Forum|Ansell Fellowship Program provides grant funding to support advanced training for physicians dedicated to the fields of venous thromboembolism (VTE), vascular diseases, anticoagulation, and related areas. This 1-year fellowship in General Vascular Medicine will not only increase the number of expert clinicians equipped to provide evidence-based management to patients at risk for thrombosis, but also create a new generation of clinical investigators who will further improve upon current anticoagulation treatment paradigms.

Applications for the 2022-23 Fellowship Program are now closed.

Program Need

Venous and arterial thromboembolism are major causes of morbidity and mortality, and their incidence is anticipated to double by 2050. Antithrombotic therapies (including antiplatelet therapies) used to prevent or treat these thromboembolic events are dangerous and burdensome, if not managed properly.

As the risk-benefit tradeoffs associated with anticoagulant medications become more complex, there is a critical need for more experts in this field. Vascular medicine fellowships not only increase the number of expert clinicians equipped to provide evidence-based management to patients at risk for thrombosis, but also create a new generation of clinical investigators who will further improve upon current anticoagulation treatment paradigms.


The Anticoagulation Forum|Ansell Fellowship Program will provide grant funding to select healthcare institutions to support 1-year fellowships in General (Non-Interventional) Vascular Medicine. Each institution will select the individual Vascular Program fellow via their own selection process.

The maximum grant award per institution is $120,000, inclusive of salary, benefits, mentor support, and institutional indirect costs (indirect costs/overhead limited to maximum 10% of grant award). The Anticoagulation Forum will award 4-7 fellowship grants each year, for a total of 18 fellowships through 2023. Institutions may apply for one fellowship grant each year.

Seminar Series

In addition to attending the Anticoagulation Forum’s National Conference, Fellows will be expected to participate in a bi-weekly virtual seminar series moderated by faculty members across the selected Ansell Fellowship sites. Seminars will focus on key subject matter topics within the Vascular Medicine Core Curriculum, as well as those related to Career Development and Research Development. Fellows will also have the opportunity to present complex case presentations to senior panelists.

Fellowship Directors and their Faculty will work collaboratively to develop the content and syllabus for the seminar series, with support from the Anticoagulation Forum.


The fellowship program must be at a US-based teaching hospital. The hospital’s Vascular Medicine Program must demonstrate excellence and the ability to provide the fellow with significant clinical and research experience in the areas of VTE, peripheral vascular disease, and overall anticoagulation management.

Application Process

Applications for the 2022-23 Fellowship Program are now closed.

Review Process and Notification

Institutions will be selected by an Anticoagulation Forum Review Committee based on their clinical and research expertise in relevant areas; their ability to train well-rounded vascular medicine clinicians; and the program’s focus on general vascular medicine including anticoagulation management. Reviewers with a conflict of interest will be recused from reviewing the specific application. Selected institutions will be notified of grant awards by November 22, 2021 and will be required to sign a Grant Agreement with the Anticoagulation Forum.

Questions the Review Committee will consider include:

  • Does the program include faculty that can provide robust training?
  • What is the likelihood strong fellows will apply/accept the program?
  • Is there an academic/scholarship component to the program?
  • Does the program meet the requirements for the ABVM exam?
  • Does the program focus on general vascular medicine including VTE and anticoagulation management?
  • What is the likelihood the fellow will have an impact in the field?

Compliance: The Physician Payments Sunshine Act

Institutions must be able to accept grant funding that may be subject to Sunshine Act reporting. The Anticoagulation Forum may be required to report information on the fellowship award institution, fellow, mentor, or other details of the program to Janssen Scientific Affairs to comply with the Sunshine Act.

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About the Anticoagulation Forum

The Anticoagulation Forum (AC Forum) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of care by educating healthcare professionals and advocating for clinical best practices in the field of antithrombotic medications. Founded in 1991, the AC Forum is the largest organization of anticoagulant service providers, made up of 12,000 physicians, pharmacists, and nurses representing over 3,000 anticoagulation practices and supporting over 1 million patients annually.

The Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence, the AC Forum’s flagship program, provides access to tools, guidelines, and other educational resources for healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes through clinical application of evidence-based best practices.

The strategic pillars of the AC Forum include:

  • Expertise: Thought leaders to inform the future of anticoagulation management
  • Education: Vital and diverse resources to support practitioners
  • Excellence: Clinical best practices to improve patient care

Jack Ansell, MD, MACP

The Anticoagulation Forum|Ansell Fellowship Program is honoring Dr. Jack Ansell who has dedicated his career to improving the quality of care for patients on anticoagulant medications. He has been a leader in the promotion of high-quality anticoagulation management through the development of anticoagulation clinics. Dr. Ansell founded the Anticoagulation Forum almost 30 years ago, led the organization as president for 16 years, and remains active on the Board of Directors. He has authored over 250 peer-reviewed manuscripts, over 50 textbook chapters, and numerous other texts. He has been a lead author of the major consensus guidelines for antithrombotic therapy through the American College of Chest Physicians Consensus Conference on Antithrombotic Therapy, and is lead editor of a seminal textbook entitled Managing Oral Anticoagulation: Clinical and Operational Guidelines. Dr. Ansell is a Master of the American College of Physicians and a Fellow of the American Heart Association.